Baby Got Flat-Back

Baby Got Flat-Back

While the Flat-Back stitch is not new to the world of EPP, it's quickly becoming a new favorite. It's a great way to hide your stitches! Until recently, the best way to use the stitch was to tape your basted shapes side-to-side, aka "flat", then sew them together from the back only. 

I've personally always thought the flat-back stitch was harder to handle than the ladder stitch, which is my stitch of choice when I need to hide my stitching. Then at Quilt Festival in Houston, SewTites was demoing their newest product- the Flat-Back Stitching Palette!

This handy little gizmo is a game changer! Here's a video on how you use it:

This brought me to some questions for the fabulous SewTite gals about their products. Here's what Jessica had to say!

Can you describe the design process for the FlatBack Stitch piecing palettes? 
The product was actually designed by a friend and fan of SewTites, named Heather Morgan.

A former Cricut and Provo Craft product developer and marketer, Heather had started using SewTites for her EPP projects but had struggled to master the flat-back stitch – she HATED it, in fact – even though she loved the results others got from it.

Given her background in product development, she started thinking of ways to make the flat-back stitch easier.

After about a year of testing various ideas and materials, she brought the EPP Palette idea to us.

After seeing her demo the product, the lights went on for us – we could see this was yet another simple solution to an age-old problem!

What makes SewTites magnets different from other similar products?
SewTites® are the world's first and only Magnetic Sewing PinsTM. Often used when pins, clips, or adhesives won't work for one reason or another, they're "a way to pin when you can't"!

SewTites aren't a notion you'll use all the time, but when you need them, they're the only thing that will, and you're glad you have them.

Just for fun- what's the most unique/off the cuff use for SewTites that you've heard?
Oh man, there are several things here! People use them for stud finders, as well as to hold covers over their fireplaces and windows in extremely cold winter temperatures. I think we've even seen them used as hair clips!

Which Sewtites are your personal favorites?
I personally love the Original – because of the color (turquoise is my fave!), its versatility (it's still our most popular model and can be used for the broadest array of projects and techniques), and, of course, the fact that it was the catalyst for the SewTites business as a whole.

Jamie loves the Mini (the purple one) the most because she EPPs a lot, and Tara might have another answer!

I know we're talking about the piecing palettes, but can you give us a sneak peek into your new magnetic quilt hanging system?
Of course – the product is listed for Pre-Sale so all the details and an intro video are on our website! 

Do you find that the piecing palettes work for all hand sizes? How well do they function for arthritic hands?
So far, yes. Launching a new product is always somewhat of a guessing game, but we've heard nothing but good feedback so far, and the product seems to be getting more and more popular as more and more people try it. Like SewTites themselves, most people think they don't really need it until they try it. 

Are they useful for car/travel sewing?
Absolutely! They easily stash away, and the Palettes help you stop and re-start stitching at any point — unlike when traditionally stitching on the go.

Which Sew Tites have you found are the most useful to use with the piecing palettes?
It’s really a personal preference. Tara likes any of the Lite models because they are easier to get apart and maneuver, while I am pretty sure Jess Finn likes the Minis or Dots since they hold things a little tighter.

Have you discovered any alternate uses for the Palettes?
Not yet — but I’m sure we will get customers using them for various things as time passes!

You guys travel to shows a lot-- where can we see you next for a live demo?
For public consumer shows, will be at QuiltWeek in Paducah at the end of April, as well as Festival in Houston in the fall. For wholesale shows, we'll be at H+H Americas in Chicago in April/May and Market in Houston in the fall.

Thanks to the team for answering my questions- I may have giggled at using SewTites as a hairtie!

My favorite thing about this palette so far is the versatility. With a little maneuvering, you could use these to help you hold your pieces for the whipstitch as well. You'd make kind of a sandwich with your SewTites, your basted shapes, and your palette. If the whipstitch is too hard on your hands, or your grasp strength is diminished, this is a perfect product for you to try! Let us know any questions you have for the SewTites team and we'll pass them along!


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