What Does It All Mean?

What Does It All Mean?


While I don’t pretend to have the answers to the universe, or even the answers to what my family is having for dinner tonight- I do have the answers to some frequently asked questions about our website!


What is the difference between a starter pack and a complete pack?

A starter pack contains enough paper pieces to make a little over half of a finished project. The complete pack has the paper pieces for the entire project.


What are all the little buttons on the product page?

Great question! These are the paper piece pack and template options available for that product. If you decide you need both papers and templates, select one, add to cart, then select the next one, and add it to your cart.


What does small, large, and bulk mean?

Those are all paper piece pack quantity sizes! The small is the smallest, while the bulk is the largest. The prices are more cost-efficient with bigger size packages.


What is the different between 1/4” or 3/8” templates and 1/4” or 3/8” windowed templates?

The 1/4” and 3/8” templates are solid templates. They come with a paper or clear plastic backing that can be removed when you’re ready to use them, and the templates are translucent. Windowed templates are open in the middle, ideal for fussy cutters and hand piecers. The only part that’s actually template is the seam allowance. 


How do I find the shape I need?

The best place to start is with our search bar! If you know the shape but not sure on the size, just type in the same name- like “hexagon”. You can then scroll through the sizes to find the right size. If you know the size and the shape, you can search for “ 1" hexagon ” and just that option will come up.

What do the colored backgrounds on the shapes mean?

Nice observation skills! Any shapes with the same color background will match up and can be sewn together, for example, our 1-inch hexagons and our 1 inch equilateral triangles are both yellow. Two inch shapes are purple, three inches are green, and so on. As always, if you don't know if two shapes fit together, give us a call! But this color matching guide should help you figure it out.

I’m unsure about purchasing an entire template set for this pattern- what can I do?

Look no further! I will forever sing the praises of the Magic Seam Ruler. We always recommend getting the full template set for your projects, but if space/price constraints are an issue, this is a great substitution- and it’s available in five different colors!


If you have a question here that I haven’t answered, you can always drop us a line! We have a chat feature now, as well as our phone and email options!

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I’m new to EPP and have joined an EPP group in our local guild. After talking with several people, I’m rather confused about what type of thread should be used. Some say 50wt is fine while others insist that 80wt to 100wt is best or even 100wt silk.
Please clear this up for me!

Beth M. Miller

This was most helpful to a new paper-piecer!

Mary McGillivray

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