Seamless Sewing on the Go

Seamless Sewing on the Go

The world is thankfully opening back up. People are traveling more, and getting to see family and friends they haven’t seen in over two years! Whether you’re headed out on a road trip or flying the friendly skies, make sure you have your EPP kit ready!

One thing to note before we go further— if you’re flying, make sure anything sharp you’re carrying on the plane is TSA compliant. This includes scissors, thread cutters, seam rippers, etc. You can check the TSA guidelines found here. We like this Personalized Thread Cutterz Zipper Pull from Jammin’ Threads

 Thread Cutterz Zipper Pull Personalized

Once you’ve chosen your pattern, it’s time to get prepping! Remember, the goal here is to make your travel piecing as smooth as possible, so I recommend prepping as much as possible before you leave. If you’ve got the steady hands of a surgeon, you might choose to cut your fabrics while you ride. For those of us who like all ten of our fingers, cut your fabric ahead of time! You can choose to separate by size or block- find what works for you and your pattern. Always remember to label your bag. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to remember what that unlabeled bag was meant to be! If your project has specific placement, take a picture of your project progress with your phone so you can quickly reference it without pulling out the whole project.


Thread your needles ahead of time. Better yet, use pre-threaded needles stored in your handy Needle Dome. Product recommendation alert! This handy little tool will neatly store up to ten threaded needles. When you stop for a layover or a quilt shop break, you can rethread your needles. 


If you’re working on a larger project, consider taking just a portion of it on your trip. Or, if you’ll have time to sew the whole project, take out the papers as you go. Once a piece is completely surrounded by other pieces, you can remove the papers. This makes your project lighter and easier to pack. 


You also need a place to safely keep all your quilty goodies. We love Yazzi bags! There are so many styles and colors, you can get one for every project. Some of us here at Paper Pieces like to grab zippered makeup bags (the freebies at makeup counters are perfect) but I’ve grown to love a clear hard case like the one that comes with our starter kit. It keeps my project and pieces from getting smushed or wrinkled.  Add a luggage tag. Can I say that again for the people in the back? Add a luggage tag! In the soul crushing event that your project gets lost, you’ll have hope that some lovely soul will find your bag and send it home to you.

Depending on the length of your trip, you might find yourself trying to stitch in the dark. Consider purchasing either a neck light, or a book light that you can clip onto your area. I've used a headlamp before, which is incredibly handy, but may not be the glam look you're going for. Also, if you look at the driver when you talk, you'll shine the headlamp light right in their eyes- the eyes that you need to see the road! 

Last but not least, we would be remiss if we did not share our secret weapon: The Bobbin Saver! This handy little notion holds over 20 bobbins and will fit in your favorite go-bag. Bring every color of thread your project may need! Plus, it's 60% off through Monday 8/22! Discount will apply automatically at check out. 

If you’re traveling again, lucky you! EPP is a great way to pass the time. Take the extra few steps to get your project together with everything you need, and your trip will end with happy memories and a beautiful finish!


Written by Amber Weiskircher

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