Paducah Recap- An Inside Look

Paducah Recap- An Inside Look

Maybe you live too far away and couldn't attend Quilt Week. Maybe, like me, your daughter gave the whole family a nasty stomach virus and you had to cancel your trip last minute. (We're all better, but MAN, it was rough.) Either way, I've talked to Erin, Jess, and Jo Anne to hear the ins and outs of their week!

What is the most memorable moment of this week? Jess says, "It was honestly looking up from my checkout station to see our shop packed to the brim with shoppers! I'm so happy to see quilters out and about and uniting for a common interest!"

Paper Pieces Pop Up Shop

Wow! Paper Pieces Pop Up Shop + Happy Shoppers!

Jo Anne says, "It had to be the lady who complimented me as a successful female business owner.  It was very humbling, which leads to my overall impression of the show.  As a veteran of countless shows,  I always come away imagining 1000's of people making quilts.  So many stories of how quilting impacted their lives, from the joy of new family members to doing hexies in the hospital at a loved one's sick bed.  This aspect of quilting is my most favorite."

All three of you are local- are there any "hidden gems" someone should put on their schedule for next year? 

Erin: Bricolage Art Collective- fun local and regional art, plus they always have great quilty t-shirts!

Jess: I'm not sure if most people know that our Mall (Kentucky Oaks Mall) has an exhibit each year. This year they had 12 quilts on display, including a quilt designed by the kids at a local elementary school!

Jo Anne loves and recommends the farmer's market!

Which of Paper Pieces' new products were you most excited to show? Erin loves the Ruby Sampler- our 40th anniversary celebration project! It officially launched this week. 

Ruby Sampler Quilt

Ruby Sampler Quilt by Paper Pieces®

Jess and Joanne both loved seeing the finished Modernistic Stars hanging in the shop- it's been a labor of love for a lot of our employees, and it's absolutely gorgeous.

 Modernistic Stars by Paper Pieces

Modernistic Stars by Paper Pieces®

Did you make any purchases? What did you get? Erin got a really pretty piece of fabric from our shop! Her daughter wants her to make her a quilt this year, now Erin just need to find a design!

Jess made a beeline for the PRO-Chemical and Dye booth and got the supplies to try ice-dying.

Describe your favorite quilt you saw. Erin and Jo Anne both recommend the current exhibit at the National Quilt Museum. Erin says: I love "Larger than Life" by Velda Newman with enormous, mural size quilts that have lots of flowers and butterflies. If you didn't get a chance to make it to Paducah for Quilt Week, this exhibit is up through July 11th. There is also a quilt on loan at the NQM through this Friday by Bisa Butler. She has a very unique way of blending colors and patterns to create her portrait quilts. 

Jess says: 366 Kites by Tighe Flanagan. It's an Islamic geometric pattern and Tighe used each and every Kona color! It really stood out to me.

What kind of inspiration did Quilt Week provide? Erin: It's always good to see the range of quilters, from young to old, modern to traditional, and to know that every quilter has a place in the community somewhere. Seeing others' quilts that they bring into the shop, whether physical quilts or just photos of what they're working on, is always inspiring to me.

Jess is ready to sew! "Quilt Week always cranks up my sew-jo. Once I recover from the excitement of the week, I always find myself ready to stitch, stitch, stitch!"

What would you say to convince someone to come for the first time next year? Erin noted that the show attendance was up this year from last year's attendance, and hopefully that means that next year there will be even more classes, more quilts, and more quilters here! Jess adds, "Quilt Week comes with a bottomless pit of inspiration and goodies. Comraderie between quilters and friends, it's an amazing experience. You'll be inspired, celebrated and have a blast."

We want to hear from you! If you attended, what was your favorite moment? If you didn't, what do you think would have been the most fun?

Mark your calendars for next year, and we'll see you in Paducah April 24-27, 2024!

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Thanks for offering the classes with Karen Styles! I was able to take one with my daughter!! Karen was GREAT!!

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