Now & Then: Sew A Sampler

Now & Then: Sew A Sampler

My, my! How time has just sailed by. Many of you may remember when I started working at Paper Pieces® back in 2012, about the same time I began my sewing journey! I documented this adventure through a short blog in our weekly newsletter called “The Stitch!” I was enthusiastic about sewing and leaning new techniques, that’s certain! I clearly remember making the Three Block Sampler. It was one of my first projects, and perfect for a beginner like me!

3 Block Sampler Quilt EPP Paper Piecing

Now, 12 year later, much of my spare time is spent chasing my toddler, but I do try to find some time to stitch here and there! Last year, I when I was invited to teach at the Wisconsin Quilt Show and I knew the perfect project would be the Three Block Sampler - so I decided it was time for a new model!

3 Block Sampler Quilt EPP Paper Piecing Modern

I pulled out the original version and had a little chuckle. My understanding of color use, contrast and value has come a very long way, and my ability to sew a straight line on the machine has come along some, too! 

3 Block Sampler Quilt EPP Paper Piecing Color Contrast

For my new version, I spotted the Modernly Morgan FQB at Hancock’s and knew I had to play with it. It was fun auditioning the different colors, using as many as prints as possible and using a background with extreme contrast this go-around! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my original version of this quilt - not only is it a milestone marker for my sewing skills, but I remember how much fun I had diving into that Moda Fat Quarter bundle and finding the perfect fussy cuts for the different pieces. I even remember having a conversation with my favorite photographer about how to get the best picture of it. At the end of the day, as long as we’re enjoying the process, we’re winning! 

As someone who can officially be labeled as a “seasoned stitcher” (well, almost, I still haven’t tried clamshells!) this project is a great for both beginners and experts alike. It’s quick to stitch, and even quicker to finish with machine sewn borders. I urge you grab the pattern and make you own - maybe in 10 years you’ll back and see some improvement in your skills!


--by Jess Finn

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