To Every Kind of Mom

To Every Kind of Mom

I've always heard that the quilting bug skips a generation. My grandmother passed it on to me, while my mother won't pick up a needle unless someone's about to step on it. She'll be the first to tell you, "I like quilts. I just don't want to make them." But, she's very supportive of the craft and is the first in line at any quilt show I have exhibits in.

I also have a quilting "mom". She's my mom's friend, and when I decided to start quilting, she took me under her wing and brought me into her guild. I was the youngest person there by about 30 years, but she made sure I felt comfortable and was well-stocked in supplies. Even now, 15ish years later, if I need to raid her stash, her door is always open to me.

So happy Mother's Day to all our moms! Our biological moms, our step-moms, our adoptive moms, our fur-baby moms, our mother-in-laws, our grandmothers, our aunts, our honorary aunts, our church moms, our quilt moms, our best friends' moms, or any woman who has loved and cared for us. 

We have a handy Mother's Day sale happening this weekend. Sometimes you need to treat yourself and buy yourself a present- do it, lady! You deserve it. Maybe you need to mail Momma a gift. If you need gift ideas, check this article out- It's our gift-giving guide from Christmas, but it has good ideas!

Also, if you've never tried Mini Bolts for fabric storage- they're on sale too!

Leave a comment for the motherly figure in your life- what's something you're grateful to her for? If you're able, call her up and tell her as well! 

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