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Meet The Staff: Kali

If you’ve contacted our all-star customer service department, you may have spoken to Kali. An avid English Paper Piecer and quilter of countless quilts, her breadth of quilting knowledge is key in helping our customers and igniting their quilting passions.

Kali’s mother taught her to sew when she was a little girl. She learned to make clothes and throughout her high school and time at a dance company, she made a lot of her own costumes. She discovered her love of knitting and quilting when she began working at a local knitting and fabric store.

When she’s not working or sewing, Kali and her husband can be found wrangling
their rambunctious 5-year-old son, as well as their pug son Henry. She also loves long-arming, gardening, painting, running, knitting, and making elaborate LEGO scenes. Her son is already captivated by painting and fabric, and has created a few mug rugs for gifts. She hopes he takes after her artistic side when he grows up.

Kali and her family live in northern New Hampshire in the gorgeous White Mountains area celebrating the beauty each season has to offer.

Fun Fact: Kali made the first Feathered Star sample quilt in record time, about 90 hours from cutting to hand binding!

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