Let There Be Lighting

Let There Be Lighting

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When my husband and I bought a house that needed renovating, one of the few things we immediately agreed on- MORE LIGHTING. (Side note: Do not make home renovation choices during pregnancy. Just, don't.)

For all our added lighting, it still wasn't EPP friendly. We have overhead lights in our living room as well as a floor lamp with three adjustable lights on it. I couldn't maneuver them how I wanted without some convoluted neck twisting. I used to sew with a head lamp, but every time I turned my head to talk to my husband, I blinded him. I've clipped a book light to my shirt, but my cat thinks it's a toy for him and won't leave it alone. Daylight is my favorite light to sew in. Everything is truer to color and bright enough that there's no eye strain. I needed daylight lighting at night!

Apparently my village heard my lamentations because I've been gifted with multiple OttLites and now I'm a full OttLite snob. (This is not a sponsored post- I'm just all in for good lighting.) I have seen them for years in fabric stores, and always thought, "Meh. How much better could they be?" The answer? A LOT.

I have a desk version that has four different levels of brightness when you push the button. It has an adjustable neck and head that I can bend, flex, and even turn upside down to light up the whole room. The newest version has a USB plug attached so you can charge a device without searching for another outlet.

Table Top Ott LightDesktop Ott Light

I also have a floor version that moves around easily. It has a long cord so I can set it in the center of the room next to my favorite chair. It also has a flexible neck that will twist and bend into whatever contortion I need. It turns on and off with a touch of the finger, but if you touch and hold the button, it dims or brightens the light. I'm absolutely an OttLight customer for life.

Ott Light Floor Lamp

Ott Light Floor Lamp

If you're looking for other options, I've heard rave reviews, though I've never tried one. It's the Glocusent LED Neck Light. I have seen both quilters and fly fisherman use these, so if you get one, you may as well get two so your spouse doesn't steal it!

Neck Light

Glocusent LED Neck Light

You may want to pay attention to whether you prefer warm light or cool light. Warm light tends to cast less shadows, but it can also make your eye skew your fabric colors. Cool light is "harsher", but your fabric looks crisp and true to color. I would say OttLite bulbs are are neutral as possible, but they probably lean a bit cool, which is my preference.

What about you? What's your lighting preference? Bonus points if you say "the beach!"




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I have 3 Otto lights and would not trade them for anything !!!

Helen Gairns

LOVE Ottlites. Had one for 20 years for my sewing area before it cracked up at the bottom. Intend to get that new one as soon as I move! I also use the Glocusent for handwork! Love it!


Ottlite is my choice for lighting. Because of my depression I have changed all the lamps to full spectrum light.

Mary C Douglass

I would be interested to know if anyone with very dry eyes uses the neck ott light and which do they prefer warm or cool.


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