House Party Planning

House Party Planning

Welcome to the House Party Planning Committee! While the warehouse team is working on a special promo on House pieces, and Jess is working on a Happy Hour special, I'm here to get you prepped to party!

First, let's talk about Houses! House pieces look like a triangle sitting on top of a square or rectangle, just like the house shape a child would draw. We're separating them into two categories- tessellating and non-tessellating.

A tessellating shape can line up with no gaps in between. Think about a brick wall or a tiled floor. These are both tessellations, and a tessellation with only one shape is called a regular tessellation. Some of our house shapes will tessellate into this lovely pattern seen here:

House Plus Design Sheet Paper Pieces

House Plus Design Sheet - Free Download

In order to achieve this design, you must use a House with equal sides and floor, like our 2" House found here.  These Pieces are Square based. 

Tessellating Houses by Paper Pieces Plus Quilt

Some Houses do not have equal measurements, like this the 2-1/8" x 1-1/2" Houses. If a house doesn't have equal measurements of the walls and floor, it won't tessellate without a filler shape. We're calling these non-tessellating houses. Remember it this way: non-tessellating shapes need a guest to go the House party! You'll match the measurement of the sides to your filler shape, NOT the floor; a 2-1/8" x 1-1/2' house will use a 1-1/2" square to tessellate. Remember, your date can't be taller than you! These Pieces are rectangle based. Here's another free design sheet for our non-tessellating shapes:

Free Design Sheet Cross Quilt

House Square Design Sheet - Free Download

Some shapes we like to play with just for fun- I like the looks of this third sheet, where the pieces are hexagon-based:

Hexagon House Design Sheet

House Hexagon Design Sheet - Free Download

We know that these Houses won't tessellate on their own, so they've each brought a half-diamond to the party! 

Here's a sneak peek for you- Jess is creating a Party Pack Bundle for this Friday's Happy Hour special! It's going to be a sample bundle of lots of different shapes and angles to play with! It's a great way to create your own designs and keep the party going!

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This is going to be fun! Lots of scraps and charm packs and 2 1/2 inch strips to play with.


I am so happy with what you are doing with your shop. I have been an EPP fan for years but am not gifted when it comes to design. Your expanded EPP pattern offerings and educational blogs are just what I need to stretch my wings! Thank you so much!

Lynn M

I love the house blocks!


I’ve been working with hexies and diamonds. These new patterns should be fun!

Karen Fullwood

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