Getting the Most Out of Quilt Week

Getting the Most Out of Quilt Week

Whether it's your first trip or you're a seasoned pro, Quilt Week can be daunting if you're not properly prepared. Here are some tips and tricks to get you through the week, plus some recommendations on other shops you won't want to miss.

First, you'll want to stop by our shop early to snag the deals. We'll also have a different daily special every day! We're at 533 N 5th St - Across the Street from the Convention Center. You'll either want to stop here first, near your car, or last, near your car, because you'll leave with a mountain of goodies. Remember that our warehouse is CLOSED to the public. If you want to see our smiling faces, you'll need to come to the pop-up shop. We're also hosting the gals at Jammin' Thread again, who can create witty custom-printed tumblers and other items while you wait!

Try to be an early riser, because the crowds show up QUICK. Hancocks of Paducah and The National Quilt Museum are both must-sees, but you'll want to get there as soon as they open.

We all know the usual tricks- Wear comfortable shoes. Take lots of breaks. Pack water, or at least a water container to refill at the water fountains in the convention center. Pack a snack.

It's really smart to bring a rolling bag, but here's the thing. There are lots of people in the convention center, and lots of ankles for you to run into. So if you do bring a rolling bag, bring a small one, and be a courteous driver. :) If you don't have a rolling bag, take frequent trips to your car to drop off your purchases. It seems like a pain at the time, but it's much easier in the long run than hefting a whole day's worth of purchases around.

The food trucks are fantastic! Last year I grabbed a Philly Cheese Steak Cone-ado, which was a cone-shaped pastry shell filled with sandwich goodness. Definitely allow a treat day where you can try something new!

Cash sales will usually get you through the line faster than a credit card. It's wise to store your cash pile in two different places in case one of them gets lost. Also, cash means your spouse can't track your spending. (Note to my husband: This is only for the other quilters, honey, not me! I promise anything I come home with was free!)

Here's our non-sponsored, personally recommended list of must-see vendors:

  • Thimbles For You
  • Quilted in Clay
  • Yellow Creek Quilts (In the bubble)
  • ProChemical and Dye
  • Yazzii
  • SewTites

Local food choices we'll be visiting:

Things to keep your spouse occupied while you're shopping:

Remember to stop by and see us! We love to meet our customers!

Don't forget to read our last Blog about our Pop Up Shop: What to Expect in Paducah

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