English Paper Piecing Tips from our Community!

English Paper Piecing Tips from our Community!

Recently we hit a milestone on Instagram, over 30K followers! Woohoo! To celebrate we had a giveaway of our most recent Quilty Box EPP. To enter the giveaway, we asked our followers to share their favorite EPP tip and boy did they not disappoint! Here are a few of our favorites.

From the importance of good lighting, sharp needles, and even magnets. Check out some great EPP tips from our community:

I like to use matching thread to help the stitches blend in better

Best tip- use good lighting!!

Favorite rep tip is try Decobob, great thread for epp.

When sewing larger pieces together, tack in middle and end to keep pieces from shifting.

Always keep a magnet close by. Great for holding needles and pins and for locating that needle that got away.

Match your threads 🧵 And if someone says something about your threads showing, ignore their negativity! You worked hard and stitched it by hand 💜

I make sure to carefully fold my epp top and not let it hang down as I've learned that the epp top will stretch and sometimes it takes awhile to get it quilted ...how you store your project is important!

Find a thimble that fits, and treat it like a precious jewel.

Beeswax thread conditioner and great needles!! ❤️❤️

Use a flat back stitch so stitches don’t show from the front

Use old thread for basting

My favorite tip is to iron your basted pieces!

Using sewtites to help hold your pieces together!

Don’t use too long of a piece of thread. Long pieces tangle too easily

My favorite EPP tip is when basting diamonds, make sure your tails are going the same direction

Make sure your seam allowance is cut large enough. 😁 More than once I have 👁️ eyed it and been short!

Using a lock stitch instead of a knot to start your thread (all other things that @tulapink says)!

Punching a hole in each paper piece before use makes removal so much easier!

Quality needles make a big difference.

Always be sure you are sewing with a sharp needle. A dull needle makes it so hard. Ask me how I know.

If thread basting, thread more than one needle so you can just keep basting instead of always having to stop and thread a new needle .

A lot of great tips here! Patience, sharp needles, fun fabrics, and good lighting is what works for me .

I take a little epp tin with me everywhere just case I have a chance to baste a hexie or two ❤️

Using @sewtites to hold pieces and avoid hand cramps 🙌

Always wax the threads and have several needles ready.

Take a deep breath ❤️

I always use a sandpaper board to lay my fabrics on while I draw my pattern pieces

For more great tips, check out our post on Instagram. We’ll keep sharing the love and wisdom!

Thank you to all our followers and EPP community. We are inspired everyday by your creative spirits!

Got a tip to share? Comment below. We’d love to hear it!
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I use the Clover mini Wonderclips to hold the fabric to the paper while basting as well as holding two basted pieces together while sewing.


“baste” with a cheap Elmer’s glue stick, comes up easy, and so much faster!


Thanks for sharing all the good tips for us newbies in EPP.


I’m brand new to EPP. It’s both challenging and calming.

Laura L Heikkila
I know it has been said before but, I think the best tip is Good Lighting!

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