Don’t Get Thread Up

Don’t Get Thread Up

Shopping for the right thread can be absolutely baffling. We get a lot of questions from customers about thread recommendations. As many of you know, anyone you speak to in customer service at Paper Pieces is also a quilter. So we naturally have our own thread preferences, and guess what? You should too!


When you’re shopping for thread, there are many different brands to consider, but they all follow the same basic weight scale. The higher the number, the thinner the thread. The lower the number, the thicker the thread. So an 80wt thread will be thinner and more fragile than a 40wt thread. A lower weight thread is usually used for hand quilting, a middleweight thread is a good option for all projects, and the higher weight/thinner threads will be more suited for hand sewing.

 Thread Details from the EPP Resource GuideExcerpt from our Ultimate EPP Resource Guide

Our two favorite brands are Aurifil and Wonderfil. Both prove to be sturdy with no fraying, and come in an aesthetically pleasing rainbow of colors. If you’ve never tried one of these brands, you’ll absolutely be able to tell the difference in quality from a store brand.


An option to save money on thread: If you’re a thread baster, use ANY thread, leftover bobbin, etc, that you have around the house. (Remember that box in Grandma's bedroom that you always thought was cookies but turned out to be full of thread? Use that.) Color doesn’t matter and high contrasting color can make basting threads easier to see and remove. It’s a great way to use up scraps! 


The best advice I can give you is to test out a few different weights of thread and see what works for YOU. What feels comfortable in your needle? Find a thread that doesn’t break when YOU pull it. Find a thread that doesn’t knot with YOUR stitches. What works for me may not work for you. 


If you find a thread that makes you happy, but maybe it’s a little stiffer than you like, try a thread gloss! We love the Beeswax Thread Gem by Posey Handmade, and I personally love the scents of Robot Mom Sews- she takes pop culture fandoms and makes scents for them! 


It’s always great to get support and recommendations from other quilters, and figure out their likes and dislikes. Just like fabric choices and pattern choices, it's all personal preference. There's no right answer for anyone but you! 

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Written by Amber Weiskircher

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I prefer 50-weight Aurifil thread (orange spool), light or dark gray, for sewing and basting. There is a chance that darker threads will bleed onto your light-colored pieces. I cut the end of the thread at an angle making it a bit easier to thread a thin, small-eyed needle. Using a thin needle helps with making smaller stitches.

Cindy Oliver

I wonder about the same thing. I tried Wonderfil 100 wt. WAY too fine! It disappears completely, but it is only two strands and they ar constantly separating making it hard to rethread. I’ve purchased 80 wt. to try on my next project.

Diane Patton

Do any of you use 80 wt for EPP?
I have been using Aurifil and have great stitches but worry that it may not be strong enough. Thanks

Carlan Bischoff

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