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I've been with Paper Pieces for 10 years (wow, that makes me feel old!)! Can you guess what is the most consistent aspect of my job? It’s questions we get from quilters like you! One of the questions that comes up a lot, that I’ve never had a great answer for, until now, is this:

What's the best way to store Paper Pieces®?

I've seen binders, baskets, and everything from hat boxes to shoe boxes. I've even tried them myself. Every time, I find an unorganized mess that I have to dig through just to find my honeycombs!

Then, the clouds parted, the angels sang and our friends at Create Room released the CUBBY. 

The Cubby is a modular organizational and storage solution, absolutely perfect for quilters. It's as if the creators had Paper Pieces® and Mini Bolts in mind when they were blue-printing the Cubby. 

The Cubby includes their signature DiviDrawers system, and I was delighted to find that I could fit up to 35 Fat Quarter Mini Bolts in each of the square Drawers! 

Cubby Sewing Room Organizer Mini Bolts Fabric

I've used the dividers to create pockets for Paper Pieces and Acrylic Templates. You can safely bet that I'll be busting out my old scrap book supplies to create labeled tabs for added organization - Hexagons, Diamonds and Squares, oh my!

Cubby Piece Packs Acrylics Scraps

I've managed to fit every fat quarter in my sewing room in the Cubby, plus my (shh!) crochet supplies, notions, vintage treasures, WIP blocks, Patterns, Paper Pieces, and Templates!

For having such a small footprint, the Cubby packs a SERIOUS amount of storage. It tucks right under my cutting table, so the drawers are easily accessible, yet not in the way.  

Cubby WIP projects Notions Vintage Scraps Patterns

I'm absolutely thrilled with the Cubby. My sewing room has taken on new meaning to me. With a toddler, and a full time job, I need my valuable "me time" in the sewing room to be as productive as possible. No more rummaging. No more digging!


 We're excited to share that we've teamed up the folks at Create Room! You can use code: PAPERPIECESCUBBY to save $50 on your very own cubby!

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If you want to GO BIG, check out the DREAM BOX! You can use code: PAPERPIECES100 to save $100 on your very own box!

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