Color Study

Color Study

I've been fan-girling over Robin Pickens since the day I joined Instagram. Her fabric, her techniques, her COLOR STUDIES... just absolutely enchanting. I love how she can show us different options for the same block. Today I wanted to show you the same thing with EPP blocks!

Here's our Blazing Star block- It's quick to piece together and comes in 4", 8" or 12" blocks. I used a nifty little site called to digitally color these pieces, because I have no time for hand coloring! 

Paper Pieces Blazing Star Block Color Theory EPP English Paper Piecing

There are a few things to consider when choosing your quilt colors:

Who is the quilt for? Option 2 would be lovely for a granddaughter, but maybe not right for your superhero grandson. 

How should this quilt make someone feel? Quilts of Valor are known for bold red, white and blue blocks. Sometimes we want to cuddle up with soft, relaxing beach colors.

What colors do they dislike? If someone has a huge aversion to green, you may want to avoid putting it in their quilt.

Beyond color usage, I also wanted to show you the versatility of our blocks. You can choose to repeat the same color scheme throughout the whole quilt, making for some very interesting secondary patterns, or, go scrappy!

Take a look at the Lemoyne Star- my favorite block of all time. It's one of the most simple and versatile blocks ever. I've used two blues and white, and look how different they are!

Paper Pieces Lemoyne Star Block Color Theory EPP English Paper Piecing

I absolutely urge you to play with your colors. If you like to color by hand, most of our patterns come with a coloring sheet! If you're into a site like Kleki, try that out! You'll be surprised at your creations. Just don't get so busy creating that you forget to sew, too!

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