A Study in Versatility

A Study in Versatility

A Study in Versatility

My fabric stash is unofficially sorted into several different categories: 

  1. Fabric for which I have a purpose (or had a purpose, many UFOS ago)
  2. General use fabric- solids, blenders, grunge, etc.
  3. Fabric that came home with me but I don’t actually have a plan to use.
  4. The Sacred Holy Grail section of favorites which is never to be touched by any hands that aren't mine, please don't even look directly at it.

Today we’re talking about #3- The fabric I don’t have a plan to use. Like most quilters, I like to burrow through my stash for inspiration. So when I come across something I don’t have a plan for, I like to peruse the internet for inspiration; Pinterest is a major source for me.

Let’s use this Wilshire bundle from Paper Pieces as an example. Also, spoiler alert- a giveaway is at the end of this post!

Wilshire Fat Quarter BundleWilshire Fat Quarter Bundle

This is a seven piece bundle, broken down into two darks, two mediums, and three neutrals. The easiest way to tell the tone of fabric collection is to squint your eyes really tightly when looking at it. The dark, medium, and light tones are much easier to separate. So now we know we’re looking for a pattern that uses three different tones. You can search “three tone quilts” into your favorite search engine. You’ll find an array of quilts that use all three tones. 

Or, for fabrics available from us, you can almost always find a pattern that uses our fabrics! For this Wilshire bundle, we have three gorgeous patterns for all skill levels.

The Hexagon Purses bundle makes two hexie handbags, one for you and a friend! The three tones work well together to create dimensional pieces with matching straps!

Paper Pieces Hexie PursesHexagon Purses


The Deco Clamshell pattern is a genius method of trying out the clamshell shape using only straight seams. It’s built with two different diamond shapes, and the colors in Wilshire bring out the aquatic nature of the quilt.

Deco Clamshells QuiltDeco Clamshells

My personal favorite, and the one I’m giving away, is Art Deco Window from the January 2022 Quilty Box. I love how the color flows from dark to light. The dark option really makes the colors pop, but the light option gives an open, ethereal feel to the project.

Deco Windows PatternArt Deco Windows (Machine Piecing)

Fabric bundles are nice in their versatility. There’s no comparison to the ease of working with fabric that’s been preselected from a line to create a composed, beautiful project.

Now onto the fun part! I’m giving away a Wilshire fat quarter bundle, a Bundles of Inspiration Magazine AND a Seams Hand Lotion to 1 Lucky Winner. Simply leave a comment telling us which pattern you'd love to make!

Fabric Bundle Giveaway


Winner will be chosen at random and announced Friday, November 25th.

Good luck!

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I like the Art Deco one. Can’t really see the Clamshell shape. I need some pieces for my Millefiore, for the diamonds and small pieces.

Lise Drewes

I like the Art Deco one. Can’t really see the Clamshell shape. I need some pieces for my Millefiore, for the diamonds and small pieces.

Lise Drewes

I would make the Deco Clamshells but with the color placement of Art Deco Windows. Only because I am in love wirh EPP.

Sheri Green

All of the projects look nice. The Deco clams shells, however, is calling my name! Thank you


I do like the art deco window in the light background – for the dark background would prefer warmer tones.

Cindy Wienstroer

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