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10 Reasons Why Your Guild Should Go EPP

10 Reasons Why Your Guild Should Go EPP

Are you ready for your next group quilt? Perhaps a charity quilt or fundraiser project? Here are 10 reasons why you should choose EPP as your method for your next group quilt.

  1. Precision: The precision of papers means there’s no discrepancy between anyone’s seam allowance. Simply hand out papers to your quilters and they will return with perfectly pieced blocks
  2. Portability: We all have busy lives, whether we are running to the school pick up line or waiting at the doctor’s office, again, you can take your EPP with you and are not beholden to time at your machine. While EPP may be a slower process than machine piecing, those maximized minutes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life add up!
  3. Technique Building: Some of your guild members may have never attempted EPP before; introduce a new skill in their repertoire.  
  4. Scrap Busting: Itty bitty scraps are transformed with EPP, this method is perfect for using up your scraps. Ask your members to bring in some scraps and you’ll marvel at how “trash” becomes treasure.
  5. Relaxation: Wind down with a little Netflix and hand sewing. Your members will fall in love with the meditative nature of English Paper Piecing. The soothing repetition of stitching by hand will clear your head and help you relax after a long day.
  6. Tradition: One of the oldest forms of quilt making, English Paper Piecing is having a moment in modern quilt making. Be a part of this tradition and take your hand in creating a new masterpiece for today.
  7. Quality Time: Does your family knock on your sewing room door looking for you after a while? We’ve been there! Now you can gather with them during their activities and also get some stitching in! Be present and enjoy your sewing too. It’s a win-win!
  8. Impact: Every quilter loves the moment when a non-quilter’s jaw drops and they say, “You made that!” It’s such fun to see the impactful look of an EPP quilt. Many hands will make light work of a hand-pieced beauty. 
  9. Tula Pink does it!: Did you know that Tula Pink has a whole room in her house dedicated to English Paper Piecing? It’s true! A true trendsetter in quilting, take up a needle and thread just like the living legend herself. See her projects here!
  10. Community: Gather around, pick a pattern and get stitching! Revitalize the sewing bees of days gone by and reconnect with your guild in a new and fun way. Sit next to someone new and bring people together with English Paper Piecing.

We can't wait to see what you and your group create! Send us pictures at or tag us on social media! 

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To Carolyn Henderson, Yes, life is difficult. But you have to make the best of it. Get up 15 minutes early and sew a few pieces before work. It’s a reason to get up in the morning. Do a couple more at lunch time, then sew as long as you like in the evening. Do the quilting “by check” (pay to have it done). Sometimes a new longarmer will charge less. You may have to do just one at a time while you save money for the next one. Find some joy in your job. Set up a pleasant work space with some favorite pictures on your table/ desk. Pick some wild flowers and put them in a glass. Do you have a cat to keep you company? Don’t stay depressed. If you want things to change, you have to do something different. We’re rooting for you. Sending love and strength.

Sheila Mark

Could you tell me where l could purchase your finger thimble please.


Could you tell me where l can purchase your finger thimble that you have on your finger.


WOW… I love your work of art. Believe it or not; EPP is really how I got started years ago from a woman who use to rent from my Grandmother. I always admired her work. Of course it was primitive; but really rewarding. Then years after; I wanted to start my own quilting business. I wanted to hand stitch all my work and started with the Grandmother’s flower garden. Then everyone told me if I was going to go that route then I would never get anywhere; since I didn’t have a sewing machine. I did go purchase a manual z44 quilt frame.. Never used it yet. sorry to say. My life took some changes and I was forced to go back to work at the age of 65 and work now harder than I ever have. I am not happy. I want to be quilting and I even cross stitch as well. I love the peace that my work of art gives me when I am sitting and making something of art. It is not a hobby… It is truly a work of art like an artist work. I doubt that I will ever get to do those things again. I have taken on working for the Firm that I use to work for years ago as a Full Charge Complete Bookkeeper of 45 heavy client/companies over the cloud. I sign in to my Boss’s Company and work like I am in the office harder than I would if I was in the office. I am tired. at 68.. I want to truly sit back and enjoy life..
Will someone please just tell me how to do it… and survive. I do have about 8 or 10 quilt tops made, but are by machine ready to quilt.. I don’t get the jest of the hand quilting. I am left handed and everything is backwards. HA HA ..Financially how do you do it also.. I have no one but me to depend on.. bad past help… ha ha ..
I love the paper piecing method.. I still have not finished the flower garden. I have another one .. that you guys have the flower ring. I bought it from you guys…

Thank you for listening….
Love any and all advice..
I know at my age I should have it all planned out; but I dont due to life’s challenges.

Carolyn Henderon

Carolyn Henderson

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