Aussie Challenge Pictures

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The lady on the right in pictures 1 & 3 is Gail Chalker - the lady organising the quilt, and the others are all lovely volunteers helping to put all of the contributed blocks together to make the completed quilt.  At our State Guild's (Queensland Quilters) Annual show they had over 5 metres (16.4 Feet) together to show, and over the 5 days of the show they constructed another 2.5 metres (8.2 Feet) if my memory serves me right.  Gail was saying at the time that they were estimating that with the rosettes contributed so far that the quilt would be over 40 metres long x 2.5m wide (131.2 feet x 8.2 feet).  Of course this was only with the ones they had recieved into their busy little hands so far, so any more donations would be greatly appreciated as they want to make it much longer than this if they can.
Let's make this one amazing world record to be a part of.
Best Regards,
Margot Kitchen.

Barb C

I am sending you phots of my 2 quilt projects. One is the Lone Star, which I hand quilted and it is my first completed paper piecing project. The second is my Stars and Hexagon quilt which was inspird by a quilt I say in a museum in Richmond, VA. It is done in Civil War reproduction fabrics. I hope you enjoy them. Happy Piecing everyone.


Barb P.

I'm attaching a picture of my unfinished blocks. Still have the paper in them! I'm a little nervous to cut the back of the block to get the paper out!


Here is my wall hanging. It was our 2005 guild challenge to do a quilt using only one shape, and I chose the half hexagon. I got a second place ribbon on it in our quilt show and all the fabris came from a Monda line that was popular that year.

Beverly M

Here is my 3,600 hexagon Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt. It is King Sized. I started it in March 2010 and finished it on 18 June 2011.

Brenda in Oklahoma

Many thanks to Brenda for sharing her on-going project!

It's a charm quilt made with 1/2" Hexagons.

Carol in Arizona

Variation on Grandmother's Flower Garden

Carol in Florida

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This piece is made using 1/4" Hexagons.  Finished size is 16" X 19" and it contains 925 hexagons.

Carole B

"I just completed this quilt for my niece as a wedding gift. I used the Christmas Sampler as my inspiration and included a personal message in the center using a fabric sheet and my ink jet printer. I have only been quilting for a year but this hobby has become a real passion for me."

~Carole B

Caryl in Texas

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I started using Paper Pieces in 2005, when I retired from the work world. I actually started quilting in 2003. I really love handwork, people think I'm a bit bonkers, but I have taught several family and friends who also enjoy handwork!

This colorful quilt was a wedding present for a family member. It is made out of 1-1/4" hexagons and is King sized. 

Cathy M.

This quilt is based on an 1840s era quilt in the Shelburne Museum in Vermont. I have reproduced the central part of that quilt, and am finishing it off with a facing technique. It is now quilted with a Colonial knot on each petal.

Thanks for your templates! this quilt took 3-1/2 years to complete and there are almost 3000 pieces in it. I alread have design ideas for the next batch of 1/4 inchers!



Cheryl P.

Cheryl made this lovely variation of the cover quilt from Jaynette Huff's Quilts from Grandmotehr's Garden. She used 2" Hexagons and made it to fit a King Size bed.