Have a question that isn't listed here? Feel free to email us at paperpieces@paperpieces.com and we will answer your question as soon as we can!


Q: What is the recent policy change?

A: Due to a recent increase in fraud, effective 9/10/2014, orders that have shipped and have a confirmation of delivery via the tracking number on file, will NOT be replaced without notification of loss from the post office. A tracking number can be provided to the customer to look into the matter at their local post office.

Q: How long does it take to get my order?

A: Orders are processed in 1-2 business days. Domestic shipping takes 3-10 business days. International shipping takes 7-15 business days depending on customs.  

Q: How do I measure a piece?

A: We measure most of our pieces by one side of the piece. See the main page for each piece to see exactly how we measure it. We measure this way so that you know what pieces fit with each other. For example, a 2" Tringle will fit the side of a 2" Hexagon.  

Q: Can I get a custom acrylic?

A: Yes. We can customize our acrylics to suit your needs. All changes to our standard acrylics will incur a $2.00 customization fee per change per item. Contact our customer service department for more information.

Q: Internet Explorer is saying I have a cross linking problem. How can I order?

A: If you are using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) you may have problems checking out. Firstly, this is a bug in IE8 browser and is beyond our control BUT we are doing our best to overcome this. Microsoft recently updated their IE8 security settings whereby they’ve limited the amount of data to 9Kb and if it exceeds that size limit, they treat it as cross site scripting.

In other words, because we have a lot of products, if you have IE8 and place a lot of products in your basket to order, you could get the cross site scripting error that will prevent you from ordering. The company that runs our website is looking for a permanent solution. For right now there are 2 options if you have IE8: 1) Update your internet browser to IE9 or above. 2) Use a different browser to order i.e. FireFox, Safari, Chrome, etc.  

If you are wondering why you should upgrade, please read this article by Smashing Magazine "Dear Web User: Please Upgrade Your Browser"  

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you and appreciate your patience while we work on a permanent solution.

Thank you,

Paper Pieces  Staff

Q: Why are the postage rates higher?

A: Due to the postage price increase that went into effect on 1/27/13 we have had to increase our postage to reflect current prices.

If you are an international customer we would like you to know we strive to keep the cost of shipping down as low as we can. Understand that these rates are out of our control and are what the package will cost us to send to you. As a reminder we MANUALLY charge all of our orders. What this means for you:

If you select standard mail and we know we can send it for cheaper than what your order quoted you we will only charge you for the cheaper shipping.

If you select Priority Flat Rate and it charges you for a box but we know we can ship it in two Priority Flate Rate ENVELOPES we will ship your order 2 ENVELOPES. We can save you up to $15.00 in shipping by doing that.

As always if you have any questions or would like a price quote before you place your order please contact our customer service department customerservice@paperpieces.com and we will help you as soon as we can.

Thank you and Happy Piecing

Q: Do you ship to APO/FPO?

A: Yes we do! Please select United States (APO/FPO) under the country pull down menu to select your proper address.

Q: Do you ship to PO Box?

A: Yes we do! Be sure to check the "ship to PO Box" on the Globecharge Order form to change the text fields. This will allow you to type in your PO box without getting an error for your full address.

Q: I ordered the wrong size or shape, can I get a refund?

A: No. We are no longer giving refunds for items purchased, only exchanges for the same value of your purchase before tax and shipping. PLEASE BE SURE OF YOUR PURCHASE BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER!

Q: I ordered the wrong size or shape, can I exchange them?

A: We do exchange items for their value before tax and shipping. If you would like to exchange an item for a different one, please return the original item with a note stating the item(s) you would like to have in exchange for the original item. The CUSTOMER is responsible for any shipping costs sending the items back to us. 


Please send all exchanges to:

Paper Pieces 

Exchange Department

502 N 5th St

Paducah, KY 42001 


Please note that it takes us 3 to 5 business days to process exchanges once they arrive.  

Q: I need a different size or shape, can you make them for me?

A: Yes. We have a new machine that can now make custom pieces. Just send us an email at paperpieces@paperpieces.com or call us at 1-800-337-1537 or 1-270-534-5475 (International) and we will be able to help you.

Q: What are custom orders?

A: A custom order is a shape or size we currently do not have.

What we do is layout the design for our computers and then we specially cut the size shapes that you need.

Things you should know before you order custom:

1)    We will try to produce your request as efficiently as possible.

2)    If we can place the design/pieces on our website so we may sell them to other customers, we will waive the set-up fee for producing your pieces.

3)    If you would like a design/piece(s) to be exclusive to you, and not be placed up for sale on our website, a set-up fee will be charged. Our set-up fee starts at $50.00 and can be higher depending on how detailed the request is.  


We need to know a few basic things for custom orders:

1) What shape(s) you need.

2) The exact dimensions of the shape(s). 

3) How many shapes you need.

For us to better understand your request, the simplest way to get your idea across to us for your custom piece is to send us a picture of the piece or a quilt that has what you want reproduced*.  Attach the picture and send it to customerservice@paperpieces.com 

*Please know that we can NOT cut pieces from a pattern that has a copyright. We will only produce pieces that are in the public domain!